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Welcome to HS Law Firm – your Personal Law Firm

Sometimes in life, almost every one of us encounter with questions demanding legal knowledge. It doesn’t need to be anything dramatic – it can be questions about the division of property, an inheritance or a divorce with custody of children. It can also involve being a victim of crime or applying for international protection and alternative settlement.

All these questions fall within the concept of personal law, ordinary people’s law. We at HS law firm makes the law more comprehensible for you to easier understand and feel safer in your process. At our law firm we also provide legal counseling, besides English, also in Swedish, Arabic and Farsi.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 08-410 05 220. HS Law Firm – your law firm situated in the heart of Stockholm.

Areas of work/Services

We at HS Law firm can help you in different situations where the problems and questions of an ordinary life demand legal competence. We help you by making the questions more comprehensible – in several different languages – and by giving you competent guidance in every step of the legal process.

You can read more about our areas at the different legal fields below. Thanks to our wide network, we can bring external counseling or assist you to the right expertise if your needs goes beyond our areas of work.

Family Law and private international law

Family law covers the different phases of our lives. This can include living together, marriage, having children, divorcement, division of property, inheritance and giving gifts to near and dear.
Do you own property in another country? Are you married to a non-Swedish citizen? We assist you with questions regarding private international law.

Asylum and immigration law

Are you seeking for asylum and need a lawyer? Do you need help with work permit? Or do you have questions and thoughts about immigration of family members?

Criminal Law

Have you been a victim of crime, filed a police report or are you thinking of reporting a crime? You will probably need the legal assistance of an attorney.

Public law

Do you think that the authorities made a wrong decision affecting you or are you in dispute with the authorities?


We undertake assignments from you as client as well as mandates from courts and authorities within family law, criminal law and immigration law. In case of an assignment, HS Law firm charges fees on an hourly basis. If you are granted a public counsel or counsel for an injured party, the attorney fees will be paid entirely by the state. In other cases when legal protection or legal aid is valid/raised, you will a deductible or a fee for legal aid depending on the terms and conditions. We will help you to find out your options for legal protection and legal aid.

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